One of My Happy Spots, Our Entry

Happy Friday everyone!  There continues to be a lot of change and uncertainty in the world.  Are you hanging in there?  Our homes should protect us, hold us and be a place where we can retreat and recharge.  My home is like many of yours.  It’s far from perfect.  It gets messy and cluttered and things pile up fast!  Nevertheless, I fight to maintain a few happy spots in the midst of the craziness.  It keeps me sane!  

One of them is our entry.  Entries are the last space you see before heading out into the world and the first space that welcomes you back.  Does it greet you with open arms?  Does it send you out with confidence?  Or is it cluttered, uninviting and just a pass through?    Here are some ideas that will help any entry rise up to its full potential.

Start with a multifunctional table.  Hidden storage is key.  We all have stuff!  I just don’t want to look at it! Dressers like the one we have, make the best entry tables.  Drawers, trays, baskets and bins store all the necessities.  For us, we use our hidden storage for dog leashes, potty bags, grocery bags, coupons, lip balm/gloss, keys, mail and lots of other misc. items. 

Mirror.  A great place to make sure we’re heading out into the world looking our best, or at least without something stuck between our teeth.  😉  Mirrors also reflect light and can add wonderful texture.  Look for wood, metals, wicker.  They fill in a space without adding more visual clutter.  

Light.  Isn’t it lovely to see a light in the window of a home?  Or having that one light in the corner as you wind down for the night?  Find a lamp with a shape that makes you happy.  I like to keep it simple, so it’s not competing with the artwork or photographs.  Those are the stars.  In most spaces, one lamp will work.  If you have a larger space and like symmetry, go for 2!  

Diffuser.  I’ve had diffusers for years and have mainly used them just for the yummy smells.  But recently,  I’ve learned how awesome they are for wellness, health and housekeeping!  Even better!  I have diffusers all over the house and what better place than the entry.  Leave the world at the door and walk into your sanctuary.  The right oils can instantly change your mood.

Memories.  Who does this home belong to?  What makes this place special? This is THE place to put some of your favorite artwork, photos and mementos.  They deserve a place on “main street”, out for all to see.  Entries are a great place for a gallery wall too.  With a small wall, you can really put some extra effort in making it special. 


Dresser (IKEA)

Mirror (Target)

Lamp (Pottery Barn)

Diffuser (Nordstrom)

Reed Diffuser (Soha Living)

Wall Paper (Chasing Paper)

Wall Art (Collected from TJ Maxx, Apolis Bag, Love & Monsters Hawaii Rainbow)


  1. Jocelyn

    My entry space now is just a passageway. I’m so excited to create my new and more inviting entryway in my new place. I love the tips about the mirror and diffuser!

    • Cathy Lee

      Yay! So happy for you! Feel free to send pics or ask for advice. Love doing this! 🙂


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