Fashion! Camo and Sneakers

Hello! Today we’re sharing fashion! Woohoo! I love all things home and kids, but I also really love fashion. Getting dressed up is another creative outlet, and I’m so excited to share this on my blog as well! I want to inspire you in a fun and practical way to get out of our pjs and sweats! Find new ways to wear items you already have! I worked on this with Mati, who also loves fashion. Mati is my social media right hand gal and she shared a bit about herself as a homeschooling grad a couple of weeks back. We had so much fun working on this together.

This is how it worked. Mati and I, each picked a current trend. This time, we picked camo and sneakers. Both are super versatile and should be wardrobe staples. We each had to style them 2 different ways, so we ended up with 4 camo looks and 4 sneaker looks! When we got together to shoot the photos, neither of us knew how the other person styled the items. It was so much fun to see our individual styles come through using the same pieces! Now, Mati is 19 and I’m 43, more than double her age! And goes to show… camo and sneakers…so fun and practical, no matter your age! 🙂

CAMO PANTS: On trend. Super Versatile. Can Be Considered a Neutral. Dress Up and Down

CAMO OUTFIT #1. CAMO, WHITE SHIRT, BOOTIES: A crisp white shirt paired with black booties make for a great casual look, but slightly elevated.

CAMO OUTFIT #2. CAMO, TANK, SANDALS: Yes, you can add a pattern with camo! Just make sure it’s subtle. Black sandals make for a quick throw and go look.

CAMO OUTFIT #3. CAMO, WHITE TANK, JEAN JACKET, HEELS: Super cute mix of dressy and casual. So fun for a day or night out.

CAMO OUTFIT #4. CAMO, BLACK TANK, CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Camo and black always look great together. Denim/Chambray/Flannel shirts make a great accessory. Perfect way to add a layering piece.

SNEAKERS: Classic-Never Goes Out of Style. Comfortable. Can Be Styled Up and Down

SNEAKER OUTFIT #1: SNEAKERS, DENIM SHORTS, TANK, CARDIGAN: Sneakers always pair perfectly with denim shorts. Add a tank and a cardigan for layering. Perfect for everyday

SNEAKER OUTFIT #2: SNEAKERS, JOGGERS, BRIGHT TANK: Classic Sneakers are such a neutral, they are the perfect complement to a bright top and comfortable joggers. An elevated, casual look.

SNEAKER OUTFIT #3: SNEAKERS, CROP JEANS, WHITE BUTTON DOWN: A crisp, clean, and youthful look. The cropped, wide leg denim adds a lot of personality. Knotting your tops is a super flattering look.

SNEAKER OUTFIT #4: BLACK CUT OFF SHORTS, NEUTRAL TEE: Black denim cut offs and a neutral tee is timeless, chic and comfortable.

I hope these looks inspire you to shop your own closet. We should have all these basic pieces in our wardrobe. Try new ways to put your pieces together!

Thank you Mati for partnering with me. So. Much. Fun. Aren’t the photos great? Mati is also an amazing photographer. Look her up on instagram: @matisyntaittphoto


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