5 Ways I Clean My House without Toxins

Hello!  This week, I’m sharing about how I clean our home using natural, plant based cleaners. I started taking a serious look at finding non-toxic products earlier this year. It started around March, when we began seeing all the Covid related shutdowns.   2 factors really got the ball rolling:  

  1. Going out to stores to buy things became harder and more inconvenient. You can imagine, even more so here in Hawaii.
  2. It became increasingly obvious that we needed to take our health and wellness more seriously.

Remember, our homes should be spaces that support us and take care of us.  We are bombarded with chemicals all day long.  We could all spend hours researching this topic, but common sense tells me the more I can reduce my chemical load, the better!  I first started cleaning with vinegar, but my family couldn’t stand the smell, so I looked into alternatives.  

I tried Thieves because some of my favorite home bloggers raved about it.  And now I love it too.  It’s simple, effective and has really simplified our cleaning products and routines.  Even better… it supports my immune system, not attack it! 

Here are 5 ways I use Thieves Concentrate to clean my house.  

1. All purpose cleaner.  Cleans all my surfaces, counter tops, appliances, and walls.  I mix 1 capful to a 16 oz. spray bottle of water. For cleaning stainless steel appliances, I like to use a microfiber cloth.

2. Soft scrub for stove and sink.  I mix equal parts baking soda and thieves concentrate in a bowl.  Personally, I like to sprinkle in some vinegar while I’m scrubbing to create more bubbling, cleaning power

3. Window/Glass/Chrome Cleaner.  I mix a capful of Thieves with 16 oz. water and a splash of white vinegar.  Sometimes I add essential oils to minimize the vinegar smell and boost the cleaning power.  Usually something citrus and I like using a microfiber cloth.  

4. Floor Cleaner.  I mix 1 capful of Thieves and fill up the cleaning reservoir with water. I use this instead of the cleaner that came with my Spinwave mop.  I clean my floors 3-4 times a week.  Works great.  A dirty pad is proof it’s working!

5. Carpet Cleaner.  Mix 2 capfuls of Thieves and fill up the reservoir with water.  I use in my Bissell carpet cleaner to clean our carpets, area rugs and couch cushions.

I love that I only store 1 small bottle of Thieves for all my cleaning and it gets delivered to my house when I need it.  No need to go out and wait in lines, shop for sales or transport and store huge Costco size containers!  1 bottle of Thieves concentrate makes 30 bottles of cleaner and comes out to just $1.50/bottle! 

When you are ready to try Thieves or essential oils, it’s super easy!  You can buy Thieves retail through Young Living directly, but the best value is to buy a Starter Kit and become a “member”.  This means, you can purchase all YL products at wholesale prices, 24% less than retail.  It makes the most sense.  (I started with the Home Kit)

This is how I started 6 months ago and now I’m excited to teach others how to use and love oils.  When you join, every month, I’ll send you great resources like recipe cards, tips and tricks and cleaning and beauty hacks to get the most out of your oils.  Nothing should be wasted.   I’m excited about building a community of people who want to create homes that are both beautiful and life giving!

For September, as a thank you when you order a starter kit, I will send you a free diffuser!  This is the same one we use in our school room.  It’s simple, beautiful and has plenty of output!   

Click on this link to get started or you can message me through Facebook or Instagram! 


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