A Simple Fall House Tour

This year… more real, more natural, more peace and joy!

All this week, I’ve talked about bringing fall into our home, but with less stuff. This is a new direction for me and it’s a refreshing one. So far, I’ve been able to stay away from the Target Dollar Section and the Seasonal Decor dept. Not one single plastic pumpkin, witch or skeleton has been purchased this year! Many of you may be in the same boat, it’s just not quite as convenient to go to stores and browse. It’s been a blessing in disguise.

Now, before we start our quick fall tour, I don’t anyone to feel bad about having more or having less stuff.

It’s truly not about the amount of stuff,

but really how it makes you feel.

If your seasonal bins bring you joy, gets you all excited for the season, then definitely keep them, display them and enjoy them! But if the bins are creating more work, taking up more space and creating less joy, then let’s edit! I had a light bulb moment while we were cleaning out our garage a few weeks ago… Why do I have so many bins of seasonal decor, taking up my time and valuable garage space, only to be used for 1 month out of the year?! Hmm.. nope, I needed to edit and minimize! I still have a fall bin, but that’s it… just 1 bin for fall. It needs to be pretty good to make the cut! Still working on Christmas! 🙂

Pinecones and white pumpkins brings fall onto our mantle in a very subtle and simple way.

The most important principle of creating a cozy home that’s simple, peaceful and celebrates the season is to appeal to all 5 senses… not just sight and what we see.

  1. Taste… make holiday foods like anything with pumpkin or apple, stews, soups
  2. Smell… diffuse cinnamon, clove, pine.
  3. Touch… bumpy pinecones, crisp leaves, smooth pumpkins, rough branches, a soft blanket.
  4. Sight...fall colors, twinkly lights, twigs and branches.
  5. Sound... find a great playlist… jazz tends to come out more in the fall at our house.

A simple felt garland brings just the right touch of color and coziness. I love the whimsy. We want to celebrate the seasons with fun and color with our kids, but it can still be quiet and beautiful. These garlands are adorable. This etsy shop makes adorable felt garlands for all season. Draped over artwork or a window or a shelf, gives just the right hint of fun and color.

I’ve had this boo sign and this haunted house for years. Every year, we put battery operated tea lights or twinkling lights inside.. the kids love to see the house lights flicker. These items make the cut! They still bring tons of joy!

A diffuser and some wonderful fall blends are a must! The smells just take you back! Living in Hawaii, bringing fall in with scents is huge. The weather is warm, but the scents can give us all the cozy fall feelings.

A mum in a planter and a little cloth pumpkin is all this table needs to be ready for fall!

Having less stuff never means having less fun! Get your kids involved in making your home feel like fall. My kids love to bake and cook and always have requests for their seasonal favorites. (Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese frosting.) Happy Fall 2020 everyone! 🙂


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