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I went down a rabbit hole last week, looking back at my old blog, the original Picket Fence Design. I wrote that blog about 10 years ago! So fun to look back. I started writing that blog when we moved into what I considered my “dream home”. i started blogging when I had 2 kids and I stopped when I had my 4th. Now, I’m back at it with 6! 😀 My definition of “dream home” has changed since then, but I truly did love that home for many reasons. Here we are 3 houses later, and in many ways, this home now has become my new dream home. Our journey through our different homes will be an awesome story to tell in another post. 🙂 My style has evolved a bit since then, but I was actually surprised as to how many furniture and decor pieces I actually still have and love! If you’re curious, click here, to hop on over to the original Picket Fence Design Blog.

So, it got me thinking… finding your home decor style is actually a lot like defining your clothing style when putting together a capsule wardrobe. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to edit your clothes down to some core pieces that easily mix and match. They all coordinate so that even though you have less items, they work so well together, you can put together countless looks. Less pieces, but the pieces work harder.

So for home decor, don’t we all want to live with less “stuff”, but love the stuff we actually have? When we can define what we truly love, we can spend less and have more style. Everything works together so you can easily move things around your house and get new looks without buying more stuff. Add and update as you go, but you’ll be able to walk into Target or Homegoods and come out with items that actually work with what you already have!

“When we can define what we truly love, we can spend less and have more style.”

Finding your style can be easy. Look in 3 places.

  1. Your home

2. Your pinterest boards

3. Your closet

You’ll find elements that are repeated and core to you, even without trying or noticing. It’s kind of fun to pause and look! For me, I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, in my closet and in my home. Most of the pinterest photos I save are toned down, natural looking spaces with lots of whites, blacks and grays. I love greenery and accents of natural textures like light wood, brass, glass and woven baskets. I like accents of colors, but its usually in the blues and green families, even in my clothes. I have tons of gray, white, black and denim in my closet! I typically keep the colors neutral, but I love texture and detail.

Here are some examples from my house. I love green accents and natural textures. Notice the silver and glass frame and leather and woven basket. I’ve had that frame and that green box for over 10 years and still love them. I also have a soft spot for black and white typography… all kinds of inspiring words and quotes.

That basket is my favorite basket from Target. Comes in a ton of sizes to mix and match. Soft, but sturdy, neutral, and the leather handles are just perfect!

Another example of black and white typography. It’s actually not in the best shape. It’s stretched canvas over a wood frame that’s bent. It was less than $20 at TJ Maxx, but I’ve had it for 5 years and still love it. Speaks to me every time I see it. It has fit seamlessly in 3 homes already.

Haha… and yet ANOTHER example of black/white typography art! I actually need to be mindful and not get carried away with this one. I love it so much, but I could go easily go overboard with this one. I don’t want my house talking to me with every turn! 🙂

One of my favorite prints from Rifle Paper

But again, you see the same themes… black/white, natural textures in the wood block, brushes and amber glass bottle. And each piece as meaning. Those are my grandmother’s paint brushes and the Black Raven growler is from a brewery in Seattle, where we are originally from.

Here is a little spot in our kitchen. There’s that Target basket again above our toaster. i use that to store our bread. Do you notice the theme? Green, metal, glass, wood, leather and woven. My favorite elements. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to repeat. Repetition can be calming.

Basket from Target Hearth and Hand. I have both the large and small.

Are you bored yet? 🙂 Is this getting too predictable? 🙂 Greenery, woven basket and glass. I love cake pedestals for decor. They are great for adding height and texture. You can find them in glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc… I have several.

Another cake pedestal, this time in metal and the planter is concrete. I love how all these pieces can be moved all over my home, which they have, and they always seem to fit. So look around your home… what do you have that is repeated? If you don’t know… scroll and save images through pinterest and I bet you’ll find a theme. Finding your style will help you spend less and inspire you to buy pieces that you will love and cherish.


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