Details on our Powder Room

Does it seem silly to even spend time decorating a bathroom? Not at all! It’s the perfect little spot to inject personality in your home. It’s small and let’s face it… everyone is going to spend time in there! AND… have time to actually look around and notice the details! 😀

It was a lot of fun posting the before and after on instagram this week.. Here is it in case you missed it.



Here are some of the details:

SHIPLAP WALL: This was actually an after thought. We had some pieces left over from our living room and so I was looking for places to use it. I know… a terrible problem to have. 😉 If you’ve ever wanted to try shiplap, a powder bath is a perfect place because it’s small. We got our shiplap from a local lumber distributor but it is so easy to find at Home Depot or Lowes. They come in various widths and for a finished look, we paint it after. I know shiplap can seem overused, but I still love it and I think it will stand the test of time. It’s simple, classic and adds just enough character and texture to a wall. It’s like subway tile.. 2 of my all-time faves! I don’t think you could ever go wrong if you thinking about adding it to your home. Do it! 🙂

VANITY: Since we just wanted to update the powder bath and not move any plumbing, I looked for something that was the same dimensions of the previous one. This was an easy purchase. We looked at both Home Depot and Lowes for something that had the dimensions that would work. Some features I was looking for… I like an open shelf on the bottom. I think it lightens up the piece, especially in a small space and when you’re trying to achieve an airy, beachy look. However, having some closed storage is so important too. I like having a place to hide cleaning supplies, extra towels, toilet paper etc. Lastly, one piece sink and countertop, meaning the sink and counter top is one piece. I love this mainly for cleaning purposes. It is a seamless and clean look, and i have found it so hard to keep the caulking pristine with all the traffic at our house. Fighting mold and mildew is a lot of work and I like how low maintenance a single surface is. The one I used was a Martha Stewart one at Home Depot, but it seems to be discontinued. This one is similar with the look and feel.

ACCENT WALL: I wanted to do something special with the back wall because it is the first thing you see when you walk into the room. I spent several months looking and researching on pinterest. I loved my shiplap wall so much, I did not want anything that would take away from the shiplap. In the end, I decided to take a risk and just go with a wallpaper that I just loved. It is from Tempaper and it is removable wallpaper. This is one is gorgeous but they have a great selection on their site. It is definitely one of my favorite wallpaper sources.

It worked out and the 2 are such good complements to each other. Lesson here… some decision take time and others, we sometimes just need to take the risk. That’s why decorating is so fun… it’s never the same. 🙂

ART WORK: A couple of things I had in mind… I wanted simple art with lots of white space. This would help balance out the bold wallpaper. I also wanted to incorporate some warmth and texture so I knew I wanted to use a couple of wood frames I already had. Typically, tall and long artwork work well above a toilet. But you can stack 2 pieces like I have, or just go with one. All the prints I found on Etsy. Also, since we get a lot of visitors, I thought this would be a fun place to have some artwork that reflected Hawaii. These sweet postcards were perfect. Simple, cute and can be swapped out easily.

PLANTS: It’s always great to have something living in every space and honestly there is a plant that will thrive in any space you have. We just have to find the right combination. The hanging macrame plant holder is perfect in here because of the lack of surface space in here. I just found it at a local craft fair. I love the metal accents on it. Airplants are awesome too! Super low maintenance. Just a spritz of water from time to time. One of my favorite pieces is the shaka hook. So much character in that little piece! It’s supposed to be a robe hook, but obviously can be used to hang anything!

So fun. Who knew you could have so much fun talking about a bathroom! 🙂 Remember… love is in the details. 🙂


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