Gift Guides Part 1: Home, Splurge, & Small Shops

Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to share a few guides with you to help you buy more intentionally this year. Everything is either something I personally have or think would love to give and receive myself. Use this as a guide just for ideas or feel free to use the links below to get the exact items. Happy Shopping!

Bowls… I recently got a set of stainless steel mixing bowls. Love them! They are light, easy to store because they nest so well, easy to clean and versatile for so many uses. These are especially great if you have kids in the kitchen with you. They are not too heavy which makes it easy for them to handle.

Cutting Boards… I’m looking to beef up my cutting board collection. This is the type of item I don’t mind spending extra time and money to pick ones that I truly love. They are functional and beautiful. These ones from World Market are perfect!

Fluffy Fresh Towels… For some reason, getting new towels feels like such a splurge for me. When I was growing up, we just used towels until we felt like we couldn’t use them anymore… which was almost never! HA! So treat someone special to some fluffy new towels. There are a million options. Can never go wrong with white. We have these ones from Target.

Sheets… Same as the towels, getting quality sheets seem like such an extravagance. But gosh, such a worthwhile investment. Sleep and rest are so important to wellness. I’ve heard great things about these sheets from Amazon. Over 160,000 reviews!!

Essential Oil Diffuser… I can’t let a Gift Guide go buy without mentioning getting a quality diffuser. 🙂 Diffusing essential oils have become part of our home and we miss it when we don’t have it on. We have one in every room in our house. This one from Young Living is beautiful. I love that essential oils is more than just smelling nice, but supports our wellness too!

Electric Salt/Pepper Grinder… This set from Amazon for less than $30 is one of my favorite purchases of the year. I got these because I was cooking with a baby all the time and I needed something I could operate with one hand. These are awesome. A perfect gift for anyone… gourmet cooks to the everyday cook. It has made cooking so much easier.

Here we go with the Splurge Edition. Ideas for the hard to shop for or someone who might have everything! 🙂

Olukai Flip Flops/Slippers… These slippers are great, especially if you live in a warm climate like us in Hawaii. Slippers are an everyday part of our wardrobe so having good support is key! These come in women styles too. These are quality!

Air Fryer/Toaster Oven… This is another gift that just elevates our everyday. We all probably have a toaster oven in our kitchen. Upgrade it to one that allows you to airfry! I love that this is 2 in 1. Sometimes you really just want that extra crisp on things… fries, nuggets, fish sticks, egg rolls… We love ours.

Roomba… In our family, we work our robot vacuum hard! Anything that can take something off of my cleaning list, I will take. And it really does work great. We run ours either overnight or first thing in the morning. I can be doing dishes and have our floors be picked up at the same time.

Lululemon Back in Action top… Anything from Lululemon is always a treat. I know their price point is high, but there are some pieces that are so well designed, that really nothing else compares. This top is one of my favorites. I would get an 8, I like it loose and comfy. Versatile for all ages and body types. It comes in several colors and it just elevates lounge wear/ sports wear.. so cute and chic. I did not list this, but my husband loves their ABC Classic pant. It’s the perfect mix of business and casual.

Anthropologie Sweater… Again, Anthropologie has a following because it consistently carries pieces that are unique and make a statement. I tried this cardigan on in person. It has just enough detail to make it special, but is wearable and matches everything! Anthropologie has some amazing sales. Always keep your eyes on their sales.

Small Shops! I love supporting Etsy sellers and small shops. Here are some of my favorites and I have every single in on my home.

BrookStacks… These sweet personalized book stacks would be a sweet gift for anyone. You can have kids, pets, and grandchildren listed. The possibilities are endless!

Apolis Bags… I love these bags and I’m often asked where I get my bags. They come in several sizes and you can personalize them to whatever has meaning to you. One of my favorite ways is to list places that tells your story.

Juniper Print Shop… one of my favorite places to get large scale art. You can buy them printed or digital and print them on your own. I printed my print at Costco. It was started by an amazingly talented interior designer/blogger, Jenny Komenda. I’ve followed her for over 10 years. Such a great resource for affordable art!

Church Street Design Bottles/Labels… This is a small but meaningful detail that I love in our kitchen. I was constantly looking for ways to make our hand soaps, dish soaps, look beautiful, cohesive and clean. This is the best option I found. We’ve had these for over a year now and I still love them!

Bright Lab Lights… I followed this company for awhile before I took the plunge to buy these lights. I loved going through their gallery to see all the different combinations and ways people used these lights. You can choose preset color themes or make it completely unique and pick out all the colors yourself. So worth the investment. They make me smile everytime I look at them.

Zoandjordan… This paper scroll is one of my favorite pieces in our whole house. Again, they have set quotes you can buy or it can be completely customizable. This is a statement piece for sure. Choose something that means something to you and will encourage you everytime you see it.


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