Gift Guides- Teens and Experiences

I’m sure I’m not the only one… the older my kids get, the harder they are to shop for. My 10 year old has already been asking for a phone for years! This could definitely be a whole other conversation, but for today, I wanted to share some ideas for teens that are all under $50. You’ve also heard the tradition of giving just 4 gifts? Something you want, need, wear and read. My heart is to still to instill the value of giving rather than receiving and of less is more, but I do want to find ways to celebrate the joys of the season through some small meaningful gifts.

I’ve also included some ideas for family experiences. All of these are based on Oahu, where we live, but hopefully you can use these ideas to inspire you to find adventures wherever you live.

Weighted Blanket… Not sure if I’m late to the party by trying a weighted blanket. We love it. You can find them everywhere and in many price ranges. This is the simple one we have from Target. It’s cozy and there is something calming but a heavier blanket. My kids enjoy using this and my teens, like many of yours, are sleeping more these days. This could be a great gift!

Charging Cables… I cannot be the only with a charging cable black hole at my house right? They are constantly missing. We are constantly buying more and they keep disappearing. This gift falls in the need category. I’ve found that it is worth it to invest in quality cables. We need to replace these less.

Vans Slip Ons... All my kids are loving Vans slip ons. Girls, boys, big and little. They are the perfect shoe in so many ways. Pick something that fits your child’s personality. There is something for everyone!

YouTube Merch… One year I bought Mr. Beast shirts for my boys. They were shocked that I even knew who Mr. Beast was! 🙂 BTW… I like Mr. Beast. 47 million subscribers?! He gives away a ton of money through outrageous games and prizes. Last to fall off a bar wins $1000?! Find something that you’re teen is interested in. Chances are they are following a YouTuber with Merch. This can be a thoughtful, non cookie-cutter gift. It’s worth seeing what they are interested in.

LED Lights… Another gift that all my kids ask for. They use it to decorate their beds, desks and rooms. They are so easy to install and always a hit.

Custom Banners… This one is a little different, but I love adding something that can inspire them. I really like these flags. We have one in the boys room that says our family motto. “Lee Family. Love God, Love Others” Check out them out. Find something that inspires your teen in this season and beyond.

Climb Works Ziplining… This was a fun experience that my husband has done with our 2 older kids. Climbworks on the North Shore is our favorite.

Dolphin Quest… It has been long on my bucket list to have a Dolphin encounter. We finally had an opportunity to do this as family while they were having some specials earlier this year. This was definitely a huge treat and was an amazing experience. If something like this is not in your budget or area, most local zoos or animal refuge has some great programs.

Chambers Escape Room… Our older 3 are getting old enough to do this. We’ve done a few of these at different locations and they are a lot of fun. Its fun to see how different people, think, lead and work with others.

Coral Crater… This is one of our favorite family activities of the year! The highlight was their adventure tower. From the photo you can see the obstacle course that you need to do, several stories off the ground! It was freaky and exhilarating and a great family bonding experience.

Kualoa Ranch… This has something for everyone. Our family did the Jurassic Tour as they filmed many of the movies on the ranch and the older kids did the ATV tour. I love when there is something for everyone. The drive to and from the ranch is amazingly beautiful.

Happy Gifting and Giving everyone!


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