Holiday House Tour Part 2

Continuing on with the tour today. Our space is small, the main living space downstairs is just about 1000 sq. gt. But it has felt so cozy the last few weeks with all the twinkling lights. I’m a white light kinda girl. And typically, not flashing or twinkling… just love the steady glow of simple, white lights!

Ornament by RooandJoo, @rooandjoo

I fell in love with the silver or rose gold trees at Target a few years ago. it took me a couple of years to take the plunge and get one. I have a 3 ft. one and love it. I love the whimsical and delicate sparkles and it has a just a taste of vintage. This tree is so small and simple, it’s really best suited for just a handful of ornaments. I love the black and white wood slice ornaments that are custom made by a friend and fellow homeschooling mom. Isn’t she talented?!

Houses from Target

The Joy is from Target last year. I believe they still have it. Its one of those pieces that seem huge when you first put it up, but really, it warms up to you. It makes a statement. it’s a keeper. Would be gorgeous in a large window that faces the front of of your house. The print that we normally have hanging in that spot, is just on the ground behind the table. 🙂

I’ve featured these adorable stockings several times. They are from a small shop based on Maui. They add the perfect, whimsical and tropical touch with the fabric. The garland is a simple pine garland from Target. I decorated it with pinecones which were left over from Halloween! I also added starfish which is simple, lovely and reflects our Hawaii home.

This flocked tree from Walmart was a new addition this year. We have a wider traditional green tree that we couldn’t use this year because I did not want to move any furniture around. This narrow tree fits perfectly in the corner. This year, we did not unpack our special family ornaments. I loved putting it into a basket this year and just using garland and ribbon. No ornaments on it this year! Eeps! Felt like i broke a major Christmas rule, but it’s ok… we have all still loved it just the same. Many more years for the family ornaments to come out.

Lastly, our garland over our kitchen sink. I almost didn’t do this space because I felt like we had so much already done, but I’m so glad I did. We spend so much time in front of our sin, that we really enjoy it. Again, simply decorated with just ribbon and starfish.

That’s all for our small holiday home tour for 2020! May you enjoy many more evenings under the magical twinkling lights of the season. 🙂


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