A Seabrook Getaway

When we began planning our Seattle trip, one of the first things I wanted to make sure we did was to make a trip out to Seabrook! We stayed there just once before, a few summers ago. We had the most wonderful time and I for sure wanted to go back. If we lived closer, I would definitely find a way to come out more often. This a 4 seasons destination. Once again, even in December, it did not disappoint!

Off to the beach!!


Seabrook is located on the Central Washington Coast, also known as North Beach. It is a short 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle. You’ll be driving west from Seattle, passing into the Olympic Peninsula and ultimately near the ocean towns of Ocean Shores, Pacific Beach and Moclips.

Red Sky at Night. Thank you for the memories! 🙂


Seabrook is an intentionally planned community of more than 450 homes and growing. All of the homes are owned, and many owners choose to rent out their homes. (ahh.. if one day we could own…) All Seabrook rentals are managed through their own Cottage Rentals site. There are homes of all sizes and budgets. There are charming one bedrooms, all the way to majestic ocean front properties able to accommodate up to 20 people.

There are plenty of options when it comes to homes. There are many dog friendly homes, homes with bunks, homes with hot tubs, views, fire pits, etc… Just search for what amenities are most important to you. Their site is super easy to navigate.

Anywhere you stay will be walking distance to town and to the beach. Everything is no more than a 10 min. walk. Seabrook is broken up into smaller neighborhoods or districts. The home we rented was called Red Sky at Night and was located in the Farm District. This neighborhood is the furthest away from the Town Center and is still only a 10 min walk to town. To me, one of the most best aspects of Seabrook is not just the attention to detail on all their homes and neighborhoods, but the intention to make it all walkable. You really feel as though you are in a lovely, small town.

Stowaway. Perfect stop anytime of day.


In the Town Center, you have everything you’ll need complete with a market, retails shops, and restaurants For dining, there are some great options: We really enjoyed their bakery, Red Velvet Bakery By the Sea. Walking to get coffee and pastries each morning was really a treat. We also loved the local pizza place, Frontager’s Pizza Co. Our favorite was their Truffle Bianca Pizza. For a treat, the kids loved Sweet Life Ice Cream and Candy Shop! We also enjoyed the outdoor dining at Koko’s Restaurant which serves delicious Latin cuisine. Lastly, we snuck out without the kids one night and enjoyed wine at the Stowaway Wine Bar. Sipping mulled wine and having a charcuterie platter around a fire pit was just lovely.

Koko’s. Their outdoor dining has a great view of the ocean!


I love to window shop and I love that there are just a handful of wonderfully curated shops. The shops are small, charming and you could easily pass a few hours there. A few of my favorites… There is an adorable toy store named Brooklets Toys and next door is the best little women’s clothing store called, Magnolias. And right next to that is the most charming bookstore, Joie Des Livres: The Joy of Books. They have an amazing kids section and there is something for everyone. A great place to pick up a book for your time there.

Brooklets Toys. We spent a lot of time in here. The sweetest toy shop!

Magnolias. You will for sure find something you will love here!

Sweet Life! Must stop here for treats!


Well, first, Seabrook’s location on the bluff makes it amazingly picturesque and there seems to be a photo opportunity every where you turn. It is the perfect place to escape with your family, and make Seabrook “home” for several days. Some are favorite things to do were:

*Taking walks and looking at all the charming homes. There are plenty of community fire pits, horseshoe pits, parks, trails, playgrounds, and even an indoor pool which is great for the chilly coast.

*Our kids loved going to the park. Swing, slides, climbing toys and the zipline may have been their favorite!

*Beach combing. The walk to the beach is breathtaking…. every single time. We walked to the beach almost everyday. The bluff is stunning and the view is always changing depending on the seasons, the clouds, and the tides. Never a dull view. Of course, even more fun with our new pup Skye. She loved running along the beach and exploring all the parks and trails.

*Clam Digging. When the season is right. 🙂

*Hiking and biking the trails. Tons of great trails in the area. One right behind our house called Narnia was so fun!

*A Day trip to Ocean Shores or beaches on the coast.

*Water sports. There is bike/surf board rental shop in town, Buck’s Northwest, where you can rent gear all year long. You can rent surf boards, skim boards, bikes, paddle boards and more.

Ocean is just a block from the Town Center

Off to the park!


All the homes there are so well appointed. Check specifics for each individual home, but some things I would recommend.

  • Bathing suit. Many homes have hot tubs and it was one of our favorite features of the home we rented. There is also a community indoor pool.
  • Extra Toiletries. Much like a hotel, they have small travel size toiletries. But if you will be staying for more than 1 night as a family, you will need more.
  • Laundry Detergent. I love to go home with fresh laundry. Most homes have a washer/dryer. Best value is to bring your own detergent.
  • Boots. Rubber boots are so handy to have on the beach. Makes walks so much more enjoyable!
  • Meals. Bring what feels right to you. The market in town as all of your basics. The most economical is to pack simple meals for your time there and leave flexibility to enjoy the restaurants there too.
Cozying up in front of the fireplace after the hot tub

I hope this helps you plan for your trip if you are thinking about a getaway to Seabrook. As you can tell, one of my favorite places in the PNW for sure! It is lovely and it has everything you need for any size group, any time of year. The drive is not too long and while you are out there, you can also check out the rest of the Olympic Peninsula, which is well known for the amazing beaches and rainforest.



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