Easter Ideas… for your basket and for your friends


Easter is super early this year, April 4th! Surprisingly, that has actually helped me to be on top of things. Again, like many holidays, Easter has different meanings for different families. Be true to what is important to you. Here are some practical ideas to help fill your Easter Baskets AND a fun flyer to share and have some fun with friends.

  • Quality over quantity. Try to stay away from as many single use plastic toys. Those toys get played with for a second and I spend weeks picking them up. Look for things that your kids need, would use or would be a special treat.
  • Baskets… reuse and recycle. If you really enjoy the typical Easter baskets, get something you love, but remember, these will need to be stored for 11 months! Get your baskets at thrift stores or just use baskets you already have!
  • Here are some ideas that my family loves. They work for both girls/boys and teens to toddlers. Classic, simple toys are always a win in my book.

BASKETS: The baskets I’ve shown are both from Target. I have this metal one with brass handles, so cute. This Pillowfort one is also adorable and practical.

BOOKS: I love getting books for my kids. Try a devotional, a bible, a mother and son/daughter journal, a joke book, or a classic book. I have this one for mothers/daughters. This one is for sons by the same author. I love the classic books at Barnes and Noble. They have the most adorable covers and are beautiful displayed.

GAMES/CARDS: I love simple games that span a wide age range. Poker cards are great and so versatile. Guess in 10 was a recent find. We got them for Christmas and love them. Easy, fun and educational. Bananagrams is classic.

CORDS/CHARGERS/LOCKING BOXES: We constantly need more charging cords and blocks. I love that these cords and blocks come in different colors. I got our 4 big kids these mini, locking cash boxes. With the little hands here, things are always going missing. The big kids can keep their valuables safe. They come in a variety of colors and are a great size.

PENS/PENCILS/JOURNALS: These are our favorite erasable pens and mechanical pencils. What do your kids go through? What do they love? Restock with some fresh ones.

SHRINKY DINKS: These are truly just for fun. Just something quirky that I totally love. These are a great way for kids of all ages. It is so much fun to watch them shrink in the oven. They can be clipped to a million different places.

Lastly, one tradition we started last year was “egging” people’s houses and hiding eggs in yards for other kiddos to find. Oh, its so much fun! I created this flyer. Hide 12 eggs, ring their door bell and run!

Hope these ideas help you create something fun, thoughtful and creative for your kiddos. 🙂


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