Our Kids Bath Reveal with Sources!

This is a fun one to finally show to you… Here’s where we started. Totally not bad. But, we definitely wanted to start with a clean slate and make it lighter and brighter.

Here’s what we have today. How did we do?

Just like our powder bath, the layout and footprint remained unchanged. The biggest changes was the vanity, flooring, lighting and mirror. I absolutely knew we needed a double vanity in this bathroom, with 6 kids sharing! Thankfully our kids have learned to be fairly easy going and accommodating. One of the lessons that you quickly learn in a big family. :). They have grown up being very close and sharing everything, so this bathroom can more than accommodate all of their needs. We are so thankful! The IKEA vanity is perfect! It’s THIS ONE. Godmorgon/Odensvik. FYI… Your plumber will need to get a little creative with the plumbing because of how deep the drawers are, but nothing he can’t figure out. Tons of videos on Youtube about it.

Funny fact… remodels never go smooth for anyone. I had to reorder this vanity twice! The first one was way too long! You could brush your teeth while sitting on the toilet! :D. Sold that one of FB Marketplace and had to bite the bullet and order another one!

The flooring was fun. Nothing too fancy. We got this one from Lowe’s.

I really love the look of 2 single mirrors, rather than one large mirror. I had to diy these black mirrors. The designer black mirrors that look similar, are several hundred dollars each! I found these at Home Depot and spray painted them black myself. The lights were a fun find from Amazon. I love that it’s slightly playful and retro.

The wall… do you think it’s shiplapped? It’s actually removable wallpaper from Target! I love it. Bathrooms can be so sterile and lack warmth. This wallpaper adds texture, still looks crisp and simple and really looks and wears well. One of the least expensive removable wallpapers I’ve used! I’d totally recommend it.

I also knew I wanted a single handle faucet for ease of maintenance and cleaning. I love my planter hack as a toothbrush holder and this wall mounted soap dispenser is a must to keep the counters clean! Nothing ruins counters, grout, and caulk like standing water! This is a simple and lovely solution!

Adding personal touches is important in every space… even in a bathroom. These are simple pieces of art that reflect our home and our surroundings. These clip frames from TJ Maxx are the best! I have them in my powder bath too. So easy to change out art and really highlight a postcard or card well! They make great art!

Getting that clothes line above our shower has been a life saver! So handy for wet suits!!

I’ve been decanting more and more. For multiple reasons. First, our kids are super heavy handed with soaps and shampoos. This extends the product. The other reason is we often have a build up of too many bottles and I can’t keep track of who is using what. This way… everything is labeled and I can easily tell when they need to be refilled. AND… its just cute! :).

Here is our little storage shelf across from the vanity. It’s super handy and I usually have it covered with a small curtain on a tension rod.

Towels hooks over towel bars! Wet towels on the floor are one of my pet peeves! This doesn’t guarantee perfection, but it sure helps!! And there you have it! One of our most used and most important rooms in the house! Beauty AND function CAN coexist!


TILE: Home Depot Herringbone Tile – Matte

MIRROR: Home Depot Black Frame Mirror

BRASS NUMBERS: Etsy Brass Numbers

SOAP DISPENSER: Amazon Black Soap Dispenser

SHOWER CURTAIN: Hearth & Hand Stitch Stripe Shower Curtain

HOPE ART: Etsy Bible Verse Printable

BASKETS: Hearth & Hand Wire Basket, Threshold Coiled Basket

ALOHA ART: Southern Aloha Charm Wood Signs

SHELF: Hearth & Hand Wood/Metal Shelf


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